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About BBOA

BBOA Celebrates Chinese New Year 2024

BBOA performs traditional Beijing Opera  at the Acton Chinese Language School, in celebration of the Chinese New Year 2024.   

Performers delivered a delightful series of allegro melodies from classic Beijing Opera productions, which added to the festivities in celebration for the year of the dragon. 

Weishan Liu 1.jpg
BBOA Performed in Brookhaven at Lexington

To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, BBOA brought a dazzling performance to Brookhaven at Lexington on Sept. 30, 2023.   Classical excerpts of Beijing Opera were brought to life by BBOA performers donning magnificent  traditional costumes and wearing intricate makeup.   

Post-performance audience interactions gave more delight to the lingering audience charmed by the beauty of Beijing Opera.  

Since its founding in 2007, Boston Beijing Opera Association (BBOA) has flourished into the premier Beijing Opera performing troupe in Massachusetts.  With rich performance and production expertise, BBOA brings the unique beauty of Beijing Opera to a wide range of audiences.  

With the mission of promoting Beijing Opera and providing a platform for local Beijing Opera enthusiasts to rehearse, share, and perform, BBOA has presented many full scale Beijing opera productions, and brought Beijing opera to many community events.  


BBOA not only performed in elder centers, universities, middle schools, companies, and museums, but also engaged in seminars and artistic salons to present the exquisite art of Beijing opera. 

BBOA members represent a large variety of performing styles and roles.  The full orchestra with a complete set of traditional Beijing opera string instruments and a full percussion team bring the performances to a new height of artistic enjoyment.  


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