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BBOA at 2017 Newton-Taiwan Day Festivities

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

It may be rainy today but the smiles of BBOA members at 2017 Newton Taiwai Day are as bright as sunshine.  BBOA brings a taste of home to the crowd -- roast pork over rice, beef and Chinese flat bread, radish pastry, pot stickers, sesame balls, taro pastry ...... we sure wish you are hungry today!   This is not only a fund raising event for BBOA, but also a chance to introduce BBOA to all who like traditional culture and Beijing opera.  

五月六日,濛濛細雨中,波士頓京劇協會為2017牛頓市台灣日的活動帶來家鄉美食:滷肉飯,牛肉夾餅,蘿蔔酥,鍋貼,麻球,涼粉,芋頭酥餅,美不勝收。 協會成員群策群力,為活動添彩,為協會集資,並廣交中華文化和戲曲文化愛好者。 

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