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BBOA at Munroe Saturday Night in Lexington

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

On March 10th, 2018, BBOA puts up a magnificent Beijing Opera gala at Munroe Saturday Night in Lexington, MA.  This performance included 8 full-costume pieces and 5 other classical Beijing Opera pieces.  Professional performers such as Tianfeng Gu, Xiaoling Li, as well as guest Yue Opera performer Xinfen Cai grace the stage and help make the gala a dazzling showcase of traditional Chinese opera.   Please visit the Gallary page for more pictures and videos of the performance.  

應Lexington華人協會,Munroe Saturday Night 等機構邀請,波士頓京劇協會在2018年3月10日,在Lexington舉辦了一場大型京劇專場演出。 請看《世界日報》大幅報導。  演出包括八個彩妝節目和五個清唱,獨奏的經典劇目和樂曲,比如《趟馬》《野豬林》《賣水》《五家坡》《霸王別姬》《紅娘》《大唐貴妃》《鎖麟囊》《赤桑鎮》。 專業演員谷天鳳和李曉玲的加盟,以及客座越劇專業演員蔡新芬的登台使這台節目更加精彩。

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