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BBOA Performs at Groton School in Celebration of Chinese New Year

In celebration of Chinese New Year, BBOA performs at the Groton School located in Groton, MA. The performance was a delightful showcase of Beijing Opera to the student, faculty and staff at Groton School. Students enjoyed Chinese themed decorations and a Chinese dinner while enjoying the 8 classical Beijing Opera pieces presented by BBOA. BBOA also presented 2 instrumental solos, Jing Hu and So Na. Both instruments have centuries of history. The students, faculty and staff enthusiastically praised the performance.

新春佳節,波士頓京劇協會來到麻州的私立高中 Groton School,為師生和員工們獻上了一台精彩紛呈的京劇節目和樂器獨奏。 艷麗的彩妝,精緻的化妝,鏗鏘的鑼鼓,明快的胡琴,優美的唱腔,韻味十足的身段表演,都給 Groton School 的師生們留下了深刻的印象。 在中國傳統的京劇藝術展示中,各族裔的觀眾們度過了一個美好的夜晚。

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