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BBOA Presents Beijing Opera at Belmont Library

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

In celebration of Chinese New Year, BBOA gave a special seminar at the Belmont Library on Feb, 17, 2018. The seminar included introductions of Beijing Opera origin, history, roles, makeup art and background.  BBOA members also illustrated roles such as Qingyi, Huadan, Daomadan, as well as various instruments used in the orchestra.  The illustrations were followed by a singing performance as well as audience interaction.  The seminar received enthusiastic praise from not only the audience but also the organizers and library sponsor.

波士頓京劇協會為Belmont居民帶來了一個精彩的京劇講座和展示。 在Belmont圖書館舉行的這次活動包括了京劇歷史和起源介紹;京劇演員,行當,樂隊和背景知識講解;青衣,花旦,刀槍把子,樂器演示;京劇串燒聯唱;以及和觀眾的互動交流。 Belmont圖書館組織者和觀眾對這個講座給予了熱情的掌聲和高度的評價。 


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