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BBOA's 10th Anniversary Gala Was Magnificent!

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

On October 1st, 2017, BBOA presented a magnificent show of Beijing Opera to an enthusiastic audience at the Cambridge YMCA Family Theater.  The gala was in celebration of BBOA's 10th anniversary and a show of appreciation to friends, audience and media who have supported BBOA throughout their amazing 10 year journey.  Please access the above links for media coverage on the gala.  

Media Coverage:

World News

US BMP Pictures From BBOA 10th Anniversary Concert

Xia Mei Media

Sunshine Media

2017年10月1日,波士頓京劇協會在劍橋YMCA家庭劇場為廣大觀眾奉上了一台精彩紛呈的京劇盛宴,以慶祝波士頓京劇協會成立十週年,和感謝觀眾和各界朋友們十年如一日的支持和厚愛! 各大媒體紛紛報到這場精彩的演出,請看: 

世界新聞網(World News):京劇協會十週年公演 喝彩連連!

美國印象網(US BMP):Pictures From BBOA 10th Anniversary Concert

夏美(Xia Mei): 波士頓京劇協會十年大慶演出報導

陽光傳媒(Sunshine Media):波士頓京劇協會成立十週年京劇專場演出圓滿成功

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